Welcome to Four Sisters Handcrafted Decor

The Finest Craft Store in Ayer

Here at Four Sisters Handcrafted Decor, we strive to bring you the finest handcrafted goods you will ever see. Four Sisters is a new retail/wholesale part of Ty Team Holdings that we started to sell handcrafted things to help people.

We mostly do wooden crafts, but also plan to add other things we create using materials such as glass and photography. You can find us in Ayer or contact us on (978) 206 - Ten74. Visit our store today and be g... Learn more

A Legacy of Love

Four Sisters Handcrafted Decor has been helping people in various ways for many years. We now focus on creating décor made with love by hand. Before we tell more about that, here’s a little about what got us here.

The sisters were part of the baby boom explosion in the late 50’s/early 60’s. First one came, then another, then another, until there were 4. Times were tough and life was not easy for the sisters growing up, which brought them cl... Learn more

We Love Our Town

We make all our decorative items by hand with love, which means they take a while, they may not be perfect, and even when we make multiple items, each one might be slightly different. We offer them for sale so that we can raise a little money to help local people in need because there is never a shortage of people who need things in the world today. 

We try to price our items affordable for all, but you are always welcome to offer more if y... Learn more