We Love Our Town

We Love Our Town

We make all our decorative items by hand with love, which means they take a while, they may not be perfect, and even when we make multiple items, each one might be slightly different. We offer them for sale so that we can raise a little money to help local people in need because there is never a shortage of people who need things in the world today. 

We try to price our items affordable for all, but you are always welcome to offer more if you would like to support our cause. Any additional amount over the listed price will go right in the “helping people" pot.

We donate a portion of all sales to helping local people in need. We choose the people to help so it goes directly to them and not to an organization that takes out administrative costs.

We do things such as buying Christmas presents for children of unemployed parents, buying appliances for people who could not afford them when theirs broke, helping senior citizens fix things around the home, donating food and a chest freezer to a local food shelter, mowing lawns in summer and shoveling or plowing in winter, and many more things. By supporting us, you help support the community we live in and we all appreciate it.

Unfortunately, we do not currently have a physical shop to visit. The "area covered" below is just the rough area where we will meet to deliver. We do wholesale some items and we'll let you know when they are available at certain places.