Round Wood Trivet Wall Decor

Round Wood Trivet Wall Decor


To be honest we never quite know what to call this handcrafted, decorative, wooden piece. We start by calling it a trivet, then it looks so beautiful by the time we finish painting it, that we just want to hang it on the wall and call it a decorative wall hanging piece. For now, we will call it a wooden trivet wall decor and let you decide what to call it and what to do with it when you purchase it. We can also tell you this - the hand painting was so painstaking and time-consuming; this might be a one-of-a-kind item. But we love how it came out.

  • Hand-cut wood, hand-painted.
  • Measures about 8-inches round and 3/4-inches thick.
  • This is currently SOLD OUT.

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